Friday, January 8, 2010

Books are being dumpstered away from the prying eyes of HuffPost readers

Anonymous Borders employee's post to iworkatborders LiveJournal blog on 2010-01-08 04:49 pm:

Yes, the practice of stripping & tossing MM's (mass-market books) is industry standard. It is also wasteful & inefficient, & with new inventory tracking capabilities, should be obsolete by now. So no, Borders isn't any more culpable than any other bookseller in this regard, & less so than the publishers.

Where Borders excels, however, is in making a bad situation worse. Now, in addition to stripping & returning the covers to the publisher for credit, we are shipping the guts of the book back to the DC (distribution center), at considerable expense, so that the books may be dumpstered away from the prying eyes of HuffPost readers. Extra payroll for packing already destroyed books, extra shipping charges, fuel use, etc. Sounds like a WIN to me!

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