Monday, January 18, 2010

Not just books - last week I had to dumpster $15,000 worth of items in one Borders store

Comment from "Quentin" on greenUPGRADER in response to 1-14-10 post "Stop Borders from Trashing Thousands of Unsold Books":

I work for Borders and there is a dumpster list that is published every month, sometimes more, that every store has to follow. You are required to locate all items on the list, scan them into the system and state the quantity of that item. You then are told to damage the item before throwing it in the dumpster.

A few months ago an email was sent out from the corporate office stating that no dumpster items were to be donated to charity. Stores must damage and throw out all merchandise.

This is not just the practice of closing stores, this is the practice of all Borders stores. Whether it be magazines, books, cd’s/dvd’s, gifts and stationary, nothing is allowed to be donated. We aren’t even allowed to keep dumpster items for use in the stores, like pens, tape, ext. Last week I had to dumpster close to $15,000 of gift and stationary items in one store. The majority of items I boxed up included pens, pencils, blank journals and art supplies, any of which I’m sure public schools are in need of.

Yet the corporate office can require us to ask every customer who is buying something if they would like to donate $8.00 to buy a bag of coffee to send to our troops. I don’t understand how they can expect our customers to donate their money when Borders as a company refuses to donate any of their merchandise to charity.

(January 18, 2010 at 7:51 am)


  1. seriously? that totally sucks. What's wrong with donating those books and supplies? It's not like Borders is not going to get any money off those items anyways. Seriously Borders, get a grip.

  2. And THIS is why I will NEVER work there. >:L

  3. I worked there, and awas one of the people who frequently "dumpsters" items. I expressed to my management that it was disconcerting that items were getting thrown out and for a period of time they looked the other way while store management donated these (undamaged) items to places like women's shelters, in direct disregard for company policy, so all is not lost. Never underestimate the will of those who wish to give in life. Congrats on bringing about this small change, and good luck.

  4. I agree this is very hypocritical practice. Companies show consumers one image and behind closed doors they are a completely different beast.
    This represents the worst of consumerism - think about how much is being throw away and wasted for every item we purchase.