Friday, February 5, 2010

Donate, Not Dumpster! campaign continues at new Facebook page

As of Feb. 1, the recent Waldenbooks store closings are officially over. We're now shining a light on how big publishers and book chains regularly trash at least one billion unsold books a year. If you want to keep pressuring these large corporations to change their ways, help continue the campaign by joining our new Facebook page:

Tell book chains & publishers: Donate, Not Dumpster!

Thank you to the 15,000+ people who stood up and told Borders to do the right thing! See our recent post for the full report card on how Borders responded to getting called out for dumpstering.

As a result of this campaign, Borders has pledged to recycle trashed books at ALL stores, which they hadn't been doing before, just heaving them into dumpsters. Plus they're now donating "non-returnable product" (mostly non-book merchandise) to non-profits which had also regularly been trashed.

Nothing has changed regarding the vast majority of the books Borders is still trashing (estimated to be 80% of all unsold books at chain stores), so we're continuing to spotlight their wasteful policies along with those of other chains and big publishers.

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