Friday, January 1, 2010

Borders: any product that remains...will not be discarded

Tim Baker wrote on January 1 at 12:11pm: I received a VERY ENCOURAGING e-mail from Borders yesterday. Check it out:

I received an e-mail from Ms. Mary Davis in the Corporate Affairs division of Borders Inc.

You may remember the last e-mail Ms. Davis sent to me in which she attempted to absolve Borders of any culpability in the whole "book dumpstering" fiasco.

In my opinion that e-mail was nothing less than corporate propaganda and many readers felt the same way.

This new e-mail though, like the New Year, seems to be full of promise and positive energy – see for yourself...

Hi again, Mr. Baker:

As a follow up to my (last) email, I want to provide you an update on where we stand with our product disposition practices. In my previous email, I stated that we are not disposing of any product as a result of closing approximately 180 Waldenbooks stores nationwide, and that we’ve retained a firm that specializes in closing/clearance sales and is highly successful at selling through virtually all inventory. I want to emphasize that any product that remains at stores that are closing will be transferred to other stores to be sold or will be donated to organizations in need, and will not be discarded.

Further, we have convened a cross-functional group of Borders Home Office employees who are looking at our product disposition practices in our remaining stores with the goal of finding a way to donate non returnable product to organizations in need and/or dispose of the product we do not donate in an environmentally friendly way. Concurrent with this, we are beginning the process of working with others within the industry to examine our collective product disposition practices.

I hope that you will consider our position for any future articles you write for and any posts you make on Facebook.

Thank you and Happy New Year.

Mary Davis

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